SRRF not only processes municipal solid waste, it provides assured destruction services for businesses by prior arrangement with its operator, Covanta Stanislaus, Inc.    Items generally accepted for assured destruction are confidential documents, recalled, expired or defective consumer products, foam scrap, and other non-hazardous materials. 

The SRRF is equipped with several pollution control technologies to keep the emissions to a minimum.  These include computerized combustion controls to minimize formation of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide, the injection of lime into the dry gas scrubber to neutralize any acid-forming gases such as sulfur oxides and hydrogen chloride, activated carbon injection for mercury control, ammonia injection to remove nitrogen oxide, and, fabric filter baghouse to control particulates.  Additionally, SRRF employs a Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS), which measures the precise concentration levels of specific restricted gaseous compounds in the exhaust stack and is monitored by an operator in the control room.